Cyril Eštok, General Manager

Dear readers,
Thank you for picking up the new issue of Productivity Magazine. I am sure you will find interesting information that is vital to your work, as well as engaging articles on Atlas Copco industrial technology in Eastern Europe.

Atlas Copco is always striving for growth in the market for industrial tools and assembly. The team I lead is fully on board with this mission and lives it every day. I think our commitment is visible even outside the company, where we see constantly growing interest in our products and services. We thank you and reaffirm our pledge to continue working to gain your satisfaction.

Our development and production units make sure that we — the customer centre — always have new, innovative solutions to show you. In my opinion, it is not enough just to have outstanding research and development. It is important to have high-quality specialists at every level. This also applies here at the customer centre and is key to communicating with you, our customers. This is one of my main tasks, and one on which I focus almost all my working hours. People are the main drivers of our success. To us, that means devoting plenty of attention to selecting them, developing them, and keeping them. This is especially important in our situation, where the number of employees is growing by leaps and bounds. My three excellent colleagues from the human resources department are constantly looking for promising candidates for the new positions we add as your needs grow, and as the team here grows our business. That is not an easy task, because our market knows no geographic or geopolitical bounds. We pay little attention to national borders — our job is to find the best candidate for the position. Our HR manager routinely has a pile of CVs from Bulgarian candidates for sales engineer positions, from Poles applying to be service engineers, or aspiring project managers in Hungary and Slovakia. Naturally, all this recruitment runs simultaneously. Believe me, it is a very demanding, responsible task.

Among other things, we are also implementing the system changes currently in progress at all Atlas Copco group companies. Specifically, this involves implementing the SAP platform. Anyone who has gone through this will certainly smile and be glad that you have it behind you. It is a complex change to our system platform, and it requires the coordination of all teams and departments working at our customer centre. Of course, we have to keep an eye on our external relations, which should never be negatively affected. You, our customers, are number one at all times, regardless of any processes within our customer centre. The main goal of the system changes is to optimize our efficiency, and thereby increase your efficiency and satisfaction. We want to make things better, and we think there is always a way to do that. It is the road to continuous, sustainable growth.

The magazine you have in your hands or on your monitor will provide you with a wealth of information on new products, processes and people.

I hope you will find it both pleasant and informative.

Sincerely, Cyril



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