Calibration_servicesin-_ITS_laboratoryInterest in maintenance services has been increasing for several years. This year, Atlas Copco’s service specialists had an exceptional summer. Technicians visited a total of 344 customers.

How is it that continuous technological development and product improvement prompts increased interest in service? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? “No way. We’ve finally taught customers that good tools can serve them for years. All they need to do is care for them right,” explains David Tydlitat, Business Line manager for service at Atlas Copco. Among other things, caring for them right means regular service. “A lot of customers use our preventative or calibration services. They know it is the only way to get the real potential our tools can provide,” he says. This trend is especially noticeable in electronically controlled tightening systems.

Increased interest in service is actually companies’ reaction to developments in the market. Customers’ pressure on prices and strong competition forces companies to find savings where they can. Others see the advantages of long-term contracts and look for reliable partners who know their operations in detail and take care of their equipment. That was the experience of Inalfa Roof Systems.

The Slovak company is one of the largest suppliers of roof systems to the automotive industry. “In production, they were using 51 Tensor DL and SL systems without having them serviced at all,” explains Tydlitat. Atlas Copco is a reliable partner to many companies in the automotive industry, and that is why Inalfa Roof Systems turned to them. “We prepared a custom program of preventive maintenance and accredited calibration for their tools,” says Tydlitat. Now the Slovak company has access to full professional service at a fixed price, so they don’t have to worry about future cost increases. They can also use the customer line 24 hours a day.

Customers who use Atlas Copco services praise the decrease in production rejects, the lower tool failure rate and the longer tool life. “Since we are helping our customers long term, we can fix unexpected failures very quickly and decrease production downtime,” adds Tydlitat. Every minute the production line is down can cost companies tens or hundreds of thousands of euro.

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