Production lines can be modernized without a huge investment. That is what Iveco found at their plant. After thorough analysis, Atlas Copco specialists proposed new production technology. Tailor made, and using the same equipment. “We always look for the best solution for the specific plant. We may find that the customer absolutely doesn’t need new products. Then we try to talk them out of buying anything,” Andrej Mazura, Sales Engineer at Atlas Copco explains. The approach is unusual, but customers love it.

Not long ago, Iveco was looking for a way to ease operators’ tough job. Thanks to the solution that Atlas Copco proposed, it was enough just to add a manipulator. This increased productivity and quality of assembly; not to mention the operators’ satisfaction.

In Iveco’s production hall, they used torque wrenches for assembling steering columns and servos. “Two different torques were used to tighten the control levers. For the steering servo it was higher torque,” explains Mazura. The customer turned to Mazura’s team of experts with a request to improve employee comfort. “Working with the wrench was very demanding in their operation,” Mazura explains.

Before proposing any solution, Atlas Copco’s experts try to get to know the customer’s operation very well. “At Iveco, they had an inventory of unused ETX nutrunners,” Mazura says. This model is one of the most reliable on the market. And its compactness makes it easy to integrate. “Therefore, we simply had to choose the right manipulator, and we had just the kind of solution the customer asked for,” says Mazura.

The customer has high praise for the assembly method and especially for the collaboration with Atlas Copco. “We could see that Atlas Copco’s experts were really interested in our production and that they tried to find the best solution for us,” says technology department representative of Iveco. The partnership approach and the fair negotiations were also a pleasant surprise.

At Atlas Copco, this case is not exceptional. “We don’t try to sell the customer the most tools we can at any cost. We want long-term cooperation based on mutual honesty and reliability,” Mazura explains. That is why, before selling anything, his team always analyses all possible solutions that are put on the table. “We can usually achieve whatever best meets the customer’s needs — even if it means the more effective usage of customer current tools and buying just few new pieces,” says Mazura. That individual approach, the ability to think each order through, and the joy in finding non-traditional solutions are one of the reasons the Atlas Copco brand is so successful. 


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