The hard work and creativity of our product development teams have paid off again! Atlas Copco Industrial Technique has won prestigious Red Dot design awards for the new MicroTorque screwdrivers and the MT Focus 6000 controller.

QMC 21 and QMC 41 screwdrivers

Designed by Ola Nyström, Ola Stray, Göran Johansson and Johan Wallgren, the Micro- Torque QMC 21 and QMC 41 are intelligent precision screwdrivers used for the assembly of micro screws in applications such as small electronic devices. The new design and choice of materials cut weight by half compared to their predecessors, improving assembly speed and reducing maintenance needs.

MT Focus 6000 controller

Atlas Copco also won an award for its Micro- Torque Focus 6000 Controller system, designed by Ola Nyström and the R&D team led by Magnus Lindström and Johan Wallgren. The system makes tightening of micro screws during electronics assembly easier and sets new standards for size and usability.

Satisfying customer needs

In the words of Ola Stray, Manager, Industrial Design and Ergonomics: “That we are recognized again this year shows that we have a design language that is not only powerful and good looking but also scalable when developing new products. The design of our products is based on industrial and high precision appearance, satisfying unspoken customer needs, sustainability and outstanding ergonomics. This helps us to deserve our premium position in the market.”

During the period 2011, 2012, and 2013 Industrial Technique gained four Red Dot awards and one iF award for product designs.


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