Reversing traditional roles brings unprecedented efficiency to tightening processes. Modern control systems are not only faster, but more reliable than even the best workers. So they are taking control. Companies are saving money and eliminating the risk of human error.

That is why more and more companies in the automotive industry are relying on them. The world leader among assembly technology suppliers is Atlas Copco. They are now introducing automotive companies to the latest generation of controllers — Power Focus 6000. “It is a device that makes work in assembly halls significantly more efficient,” says Tomáš Pasovský of Atlas Copco. His words are confirmed by experience abroad.

Millions in savings
“One of our major West European customers who had moved automotive production to growing markets had 5 per cent waste on each vehicle. That was estimated to cost more than 220 EUR per car,” says Pasovský. Money was thrown away not only on defective parts, but also on employee time required for repairs. It could also damage the image of the brand. “After they installed the Power Focus 6000 with Tensor STR nutrunners, the error rate significantly dropped. Thanks to that, they will save the equivalent of over 560 000 EUR,” Pasovský calculates, adding that other customers have had similar experience.

Right away, the new control unit offers several unique functions. “It involves the patented TurboTight strategy, for example, which eliminates kickback stress to the operator during tightening, speeds up the work process, and saves production costs,” explains Pasovský. Another of the unit’s unique features is True Angle. This restricts the operator’s movement with the tool, which considerably improves tightening quality. Power Focus 6000 can also detect errors more precisely than the customers had been accustomed to.

Several nutrunners to a controller
Perhaps the biggest advantage of Atlas Copco’s new control unit is that it is a multi-tool controller. “This means that the customer can attach up to five wireless nutrunners to one control unit at the same time. This not only saves space in production, but also saves equipment costs,” Pasovský explains.

The new generation of controller is being introduced to Customer Center Eastern Europe for the first time. Foreign customers who have seen them praise not only their new functionalities and cost savings, but also their easy operation. The system settings are intuitive, which saves money on employee training.

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